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Cost Cutter Mattresses

At Foam Factory we know how important it is to get a good night's sleep, which is why we manufacture only the highest quality foam mattresses.

Sleeping on a quality mattress means that you'll experience the proper back support, improved breathing patterns and more energy when you wake up.

Our Cost Cutter Range

Our cost cutter mattresses are specially designed for short to medium term use. The density in these mattresses varies from 12 Density up to 24 Density foam. These mattresses will last from a few weeks up to a few years.

In addition to our Cost Cutter Mattresses we also manufacture foam mattresses according to your unique requirements. Whether you need a mattress for a caravan, a bakkie or anything else, these specialist mattresses will suit your unique needs.

At Foam Factory we manufacture the highest quality foam mattresses from SABS ISO 9001 systems and offer them at low factory prices. Our outstanding quality and excellent prices make our foam mattresses the first choice in schools, school camps, hostels, mines and more.


This mattress is specially designed for short term or low level use. The foam has a density of 12kgs per m3, is covered in spun bond fabric and will last a few weeks.


This cost effective mattress is also perfect for short term or low level use , but because the foam has a density of 15kgs per m3 and is covered in spun bond fabric, it will last a little longer than a Budget mattress.


This mattress is made with children and low adult use in mind; the foam has a density of 18kgs per m3 and is covered in poly cotton fabric.

Mountain Dew

This mattress is also made with children and low adult use in mind, however, with a foam density of 20 kgs per m3 and covered in poly cotton fabric with a tape edge, it lasts longer than the Economy. This is a medium density mattress.

Honey Dew

This mattress offers great value for money and is ideal for adult use in holiday homes and spare bedrooms. It has a 24 kgs per m3 density foam with a tape edged in an attractive poly cotton fabric.

Our Premium Range

We also offer a range of premium mattresses, pillows and bedding related items. View more details on our Driftaway range of products here.

For more information about our foam products, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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